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    Dear users,

    We are sorry that the article we published before ahead has caused you confusion.

    The gesture control function will be released in the next software version, which expected to update in this week. 

    Thank you for your patience!


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    Frank E

    Hi Cynthia,

    where did see that? 

    I don't remember seeing anything about that




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    Frank E

    ah, I just found this in the User Manual… it was posted 16 hours ago. But my Loomo with version 3.9.8 doesn't have this icon. I assume it means an update is coming soon 

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    Cynthia Bengtson

    Must be an up coming update 

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    Frank E

    Version 3.9.10 just became available as an update on my Loomo and the gestures work as described



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    Richard Baljeu

    Pretty handy feature. Makes it a lot easier to get the Loomo to follow you etc. without having to say the commands :-) (tested it this morning after updating the Loomo) I did notice that it had a lot of false positives for the trigger gesture. But that does make it easier to give commands. It would be nice if it also had commands for backing off or moving forward. But that could be dangerous when using it outside near roads/water etc. Perhaps Segway could add an easily accessible toggle option for those gestures if they ever added them

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    Bart Delgado

    I used the gesture functionality on the Golf course yesterday to follow me while pushing a Golf trolley and it worked remarkably well, I found it more robust than the voice recognition functionality although still not totally bug free.

    When outside I noticed that the gesture support works significantly better when I appeared as a silhouette against the sky than it did when there were trees or other objects behind me.

    Also, sometimes I had to wait longer than ideal for Loomo to look at me instead of the other surrounding objects in the vicinity, perhaps I need to wear brighter clothes :) .

    On the whole though, the Gesture functionality is a great addition and I genuinely found it more useable than voice recognition in the environments I am testing in.